IT Rebels Streamlines IT Budget Requests Using the Microsoft Power Platform

Processing requests for IT budgets is a big job in an international environment. Until recently, this happened at ASML’s IT Infra department with an Excel file as the source. IT Rebels has realized a solution with ASML based on the Power Platform with which the budget requests are automatically tracked and processed in the administration. This makes the process faster, more transparent and the chance of errors is greatly reduced.


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ASML is one of the leading high-tech companies in the Netherlands and the largest supplier of machines for the semiconductor industry in the world. Various departments worldwide are submitting budget requests for the IT infrastructure. It is important that these requests are processed properly and on time, so that the right amount of hardware is available on time.

Manual processing

Infra Capacity Manager Erwin Beelen has his hands full with that. “We take several things into account when determining the necessary budgets every year. ASML is growing fast and we therefore look at the growth trend of previous years and additional demand from the environment to predict what we need in the coming year. We also need to replace existing hardware and software over time (Life Cycle Management). In addition, there are regular requests for additional projects from all kinds of departments within the company, driven by, for example, innovation or security. Ultimately, management determines which budgets are approved. therefore it is necessary to prioritize the applications.”

Until recently, processing budget requests was a lot of manual work. “We sent all the information to an Excel file for which I was ultimately responsible and which was kept up to date by hand. You can imagine that you then encounter all kinds of practical issues. It takes a lot of time and the chance of errors is high. In addition, it was unclear who made which change and versioning was very important because you were dealing with multiple versions of the same file.”

One source with the truth

The idea of ​​keeping the overview of budget requests in a SharePoint environment has been around for some time. “The benefits are clear,” says Erwin. “You always only have one source that contains the truth and you can present different views of the overview. This is useful because it is not necessary and sometimes even undesirable for different departments or people to see all the data. In the Excel file I had to apply filters for that, which was quite laborious and prone to errors.”

IT Rebels helped ASML set up the SharePoint environment and the automation that is required in the process afterwards. Requests via the form in SharePoint are now automatically processed in the administration and can be easily approved or rejected from there. When someone changes something in the administration, it is immediately registered who that was and when the change was made. “Now when I or someone else enters a new item to put on the list, I, as the person responsible, get to see the item. I receive a message via email that a person has entered an item. When I find that it is on the list I can approve it with one click, if I feel it shouldn’t be there (for example, if it’s already there or if the item is already scheduled to run in the existing year), I can just as easily deny the request. The requester will then be automatically notified with the reason why the request was rejected. The reallocation and adjustment of budgets, for example in case of budget cuts, and the management of unforeseen expenses are also built into the IT Rebels solution.”

Klant over IT Rebels

Erwin Beelen, Infra Capacity Manager

Koen Huijbens and his colleagues from IT Rebels helped quickly and efficiently with setting up and automating the SharePoint environment using the Microsoft Power Platform, says Erwin.

“What they are very strong in is the pragmatic translation of the functional wishes into a technical solution. Functionally we knew what we wanted, but with regard to the robots and automation that are required for this, IT Rebels has helped us tremendously. During such a trajectory, you always encounter unforeseen problems, or it turns out afterwards that you’d rather do something a little different. The specialists at IT Rebels are very flexible and good at solving and adapting them. They also do Business analytics not just what the customer asks, but also dare to propose other solutions if in their opinion they may be better for the Power Virtual Agents end product.This pragmatic and flexible way of doing things, combined with the specialist knowledge, is the absolute added value that IT Rebels offers a faster, less error-prone and more transparent process for processing, prioritizing and reviewing budgets. request.”


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